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6 Week Group Coaching

Take a break from alcohol and explore the reasons we drink. Together we will also be examining our relationship with alcohol and with god.

two women hands up standing beside body of water

Are you thinking:

  • Am I drinking too much?
  • I'm so stressed out! The more stressed I am the more I drink! I wish I could stop.
  • I feel flat.
  • I just want to moderate my drinking!
  • Why can't I stop after 1 or 2 glasses of wine?
  • Am I an alcoholic? I don't think I'm an alcoholic?

What you'll gain taking a 30 day break:

Learn about ALL the reasons we drink (Science Based!)
Decreased Hanxiety (Hangover + Anxiety)
Better Sleep!
Improve Your Relationships
Increased Joy!
Improve Your Finances
Rediscover your relationship with God with a community of women.

this april...

Join the Alcohol Free Spirit Experiment Group Coaching!

What People Are Saying…

"Allow yourself to come as you are with no perceived notions or agenda. The coaches will know guide you to areas of exploration with a loving hand and faith in the Lord."

Sarah S.

"Thanks to the support, encouragement, and accountability provided in this experiment, I have remained alcohol-free for over 30 days now! I have also gained more confidence in talking about my alcohol-free journey with others."